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Facing the challenge of Chinese electrolytic aluminum industry

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The new Chinese electrolytic aluminum industry after 60 years of development, in all its aspects has made great achievements, but also faces challenges and many problems, must be solved properly, otherwise, bad for the next development.

Excess production capacity

By the end of 2013, China primary aluminum production capacity is more than 32000kt/a, this is a rather scary figure, must be stopped, no development, in this carriage domestic development of aluminum electrolytic industry not anymore to jilt whip, singing the song of the wind all the way around. To go abroad, to the relative abundance of resources and energy to bauxite mining, alumina extraction and production of aluminum ingots for remelting, to build a joint venture or sole source investment enterprise, the product shipped back home. For aluminum and aluminum products in 2020 exports is the use of imported aluminum ingots for remelting processing in quantity, but not equal to use aluminum resources import (bauxite, alumina, aluminum) processing. By 2030, strive for the domestic apparent consumption of aluminum ingots for remelting is around 50% of imports. The original aluminum electrolysis industry development in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan region China idea is worthy of our reference, American and some European countries also have to learn from practice.

Go out to develop aluminum resource risk, risk in some places is still very great, may need to "pay a certain amount of tuition fees", may be inevitable, to pay less. At present, Japan and other countries all the shutting down of the domestic aluminum production (Japan still retains a production capacity of 15kt/a Urahara aluminum plant, a small hydropower electricity, Fuji mountain by the factory plant is a plant construction, Urahara aluminium plant primary aluminum followed by segregation method for extracting high pure aluminum, in order to reduce the pollution of the environment), and in the last 30 years, the industrial developed countries such as the primary aluminum production American, Germany had been reduced, large Aluminum Inc's primary aluminum production in the country has some decline, while in the foreign enterprise production has risen more than 35%.

In 2013, the world aluminum consumption (by 7000000000 people, per capita consumption of primary aluminum 51400kt calculation) 7.34 kg per person, per capita consumption of aluminum Chinese (according to the 1350000000 people, primary aluminum consumption calculation of 25500kt) 18.89 kg / person, far more than the world average consumption, is 2.57 times, and close to the industrial developed countries 21.4 kg / person. Our main task now is to improve the consumption of raw materials quality, the exhaustion of raw materials may be less consumption do as much work as possible. The domestic scale will not expand, can take the "East West increased, reducing fire water reduction measures.".

Technical challenges

Although the capacity of electrolytic aluminum plant China groove part has to catch up with and surpass the advanced level of the world, but the same groove technical and economic indicators as compared with foreign advanced level is still relatively backward.

At present, the anode effect coefficient of aluminum electrolysis cell was higher in China than in Europe; tons of aluminum consumption leading high; average pot life generally shorter; the current efficiency of foreign advanced level has reached 96%, and the current efficiency Chinese the enterprise of 75% above is only 92.5%~93.5%, the low calculation efficiency but also a considerable number of Rectifier Factory under the same conditions; power consumption, anode current density design Chinese electrolyzer is only 0.7~0.735A/cm2, which means the equivalent unit area of electrolyzer production is low, therefore, the next period of time, one of the main tasks of China aluminum electrolysis is to maximize the yield per unit area of electrolytic tank.

China current electrolytic aluminum industry development also has many advantages, such as the unit product of electrolytic aluminum plant investment is low, about industrial developed countries 1/3; low labor costs, industrial developed countries primary aluminum costs in the corresponding services 1/5~1/4; environmental protection requirements are low, so the environmental protection facilities investment is low, this should not be now, time to increase investment in environmental protection. A thousand million, not environmental protection, should improve the environmental standards, which does not meet environmental standards, should be shut down, should become the high-pressure line.

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