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China required about 60% from imports of bauxite

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Because our country most dependent on imports of bauxite alumina production, in recent years, along with the alumina production growth, domestic alumina enterprises rely on imports of bauxite to further increase, the required about 60% China bauxite imports from Indonesia, while imports in total imports accounted for 60%~70%.

In 2012 May, the government of Indonesia introduced the policy limit bauxite export requirements, since 2014 ban including bauxite, unprocessed metal ore export. Since 2013 for Indonesia bauxite export restrictions concern, China's bauxite imports increased significantly, Chinese customs data display, in 2013 China bauxite imports totaled 70070000 tons, an increase of 78.70%. At the same time, the domestic sources of bauxite imports also increased the Garner, Guinea, Guyana, Fiji and Brazil. Since Indonesia announced the ban, Chinese aluminum enterprises will adopt various ways to diversify sources of imports of bauxite, including widening of Indonesia imported raw materials except the channel, in Indonesia to build refineries way for export quota aluminum, show the domestic alumina enterprises diversified import policy, avoid the supply deficiency or limitation, the effect of alumina production. In January 12, 2014, Indonesia ore export ban into effect, banned the export of bauxite.

As a result of the manufacturers in China have been hoarding a large inventory, have a greater impact of the restrictions on the short term will not; but in the long run, forcing the Chinese aluminum producers began to change its business model, in order to reduce dependence on Indonesia ore.

Because of the Indonesian government regulations if with alumina production capacity in the local manufacturers, can continue to export alumina, thus accelerating the domestic alumina plant to Indonesia construction pace, if can ensure a stable supply of alumina, can to some extent alleviate the domestic aluminum prices in raw material supply management risk. But at the same time, the influence of Indonesia bauxite export policy has not yet been fully revealed; in addition, domestic enterprises are facing the risk of regional political and economic factors in the overseas production base construction; due to overseas projects to take dollars, domestic enterprises have to face the exchange rate risk; at the same time, the scale of capital expenditure is larger, making the company facing financial pressure.

Analyst Han Sheng said: "as China's largest source of imports of bauxite, Indonesia bauxite export restrictions to long term will be on China's imports of bauxite price impact so as to increase the production cost of electrolytic aluminum enterprises, bauxite resources value gradually highlights. Therefore, in part dependent on imports of bauxite near the port enterprise will be hit, and has the resources and the integration of industrial chain advantage of enterprises will be able to reflect the stronger ability to control costs and to resist a single product price volatility risk."

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