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Department of Commerce: 2013 Chinese created a miracle in the history of World Trade

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Last May 4th, the Ministry of Commerce issued a "foreign trade situation China report (spring 2014)", review of the year 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 China foreign trade operation, and the prospect of development trend in China trade the year 2014.

Review of foreign trade situation in 2013, the Commerce Department report that,

In 2013, Chinese import and export $4.16, growth of 7.6%, has become the first in the world goods trade powers, but also the first trade of goods more than 4 trillions of dollars of state, created the history of world trade.

In the first quarter of import and export trade, the Commerce Department said:

A quarter of poor import and export data, mainly due to the same period in 2013 the arbitrage trade pad high cardinality. Weed out the base factors, a quarter of China import and export is still in a stable growth interval, generally in line with expectations, and better than other major economies. In 2013 May, Chinese strengthen trade supervision, arbitrage trade basically curbed. Can be expected, in May this year, with the base factors China foreign trade growth disappeared, foreign trade data will more accurately reflect the actual operation situation, is expected to show steady rise of the trend.

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Facing the development of foreign trade in 2014 Chinese environment is slightly better than that of the previous year, but the situation is still not optimistic, there are still many challenges and pressures, embodied in the following three aspects: one is the external demand uncertainties. Two is the Chinese export competitiveness is facing multiple challenges. Three is the trade friction situation is still grim.

Outlook 2014, the Commerce Department said,

The 2014 World economic recovery momentum tends to improve the economy, China smooth start, Chinese foreign trade has achieved stable growth conditions. But Chinese trade facing difficulties and challenges still exist, the grim situation complex side should not be underestimated.

The current China is in economic growth shifting period, structural adjustment period pains and the stimulus policy digestion period "phase three" superimposed stage, industrial overcapacity contradictions have not been fundamentally alleviated, part of the regional real estate market and the emergence of new wave, coupled with the external environment is still severe, economic growth is still under pressure.

In the external environment does not change under the condition of more, the year 2014 China import and export is expected to remain relatively stable growth.

A period in the future, China will further implement the stable growth of foreign trade policy has been introduced, further improve the level of trade facilitation, for foreign trade enterprises to create a more relaxed environment, at the same time, mining new export growth point, vigorously support the large equipment High-speed Rail, special high-voltage power grid, power, communications, engineering machinery and other exports.

To enhance the added value of the export products, optimizing the structure of foreign trade, from simple product export to product and service export collaborative development.

Actively expand import domestic shortage of products, promote the sustained and healthy development of China foreign trade.

The commerce department also reviewed the international commodity market performance:

Various types of commodity price difference. Since 2013, American economic growth has been enhanced, sustained recovery in the real estate market, gradually to improve the economic fundamentals, pushing up on energy products to a certain extent, demand, coupled with the America Midwest oil Sinotrans bottleneck is improved, New York crude oil and Brent spreads continued to narrow the cause. The main agricultural products, cotton market outshines. USA cotton planting area has reduced the production decline, while the global textile and garment industry to re active, since the New York cotton prices in 2013 rose 11.7%. General decline in prices of other products, capital risk transfer to the price of gold fell, sluggish demand and high inventories caused non-ferrous metal prices fell sharply; the favorable weather conditions to improve the grain and oil products harvests expected, prices continue to fall sharply.

Nonferrous metal closely related -- non-ferrous metal prices and the world economy to copper as a representative. Affected by sluggish demand and high inventory, non-ferrous metal prices since 2013 all varieties showed a trend of decline. IMF compilation of primary product classification price index, nonferrous metal price index for 83% weight 1-9 month fell 12.1%, is the largest decline categories. Since the three quarter, in USA economic optimism, European Economic stabilisation and China manufacturing data to improve under the influence, non-ferrous metal prices significantly stabilized. The next period of time, many varieties are still facing oversupply situation, prices continue to pressure, steady recovery market really turn flourishing to global manufacturing, investment and consumer confidence. According to the International Copper Study Group report, the first half of this year the refined copper market supply 183000 tons of excess, the situation is very difficult to reverse in the short term. Aluminum market in recent years there has been excess supply, but the amount of excess inventory and a narrowing trend, prices gradually stabilized. Application prospect of lead-acid battery, lead price is expected to perform well.

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