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Chinese manufacturing industry development needs tightening "innovation line"

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China manufacturing is facing a hurdle -- how transition, keep the manufacturing status.

Can say, MadeinChina has always been a controversial hot words, because his cheap people "love", and they were given a "copycat" king of the hat, really embarrassing.

At present, China rising labor costs, labor intensive enterprises profits diluted, some enterprises to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries with low labor costs more, such as: Nike shoes have three factories in Jinjiang, out of China. Adidas years will be closed in the Suzhou plant, and moved to Burma.

In addition, after the 2008 global financial crisis, Europe and the United States to recognize the important role of the real economy, have put forward the "back to the manufacturing era" slogan, mainly Europe and the United States national manufacturing a substantial decline in the proportion of domestic based on large number of manufacturing enterprises, the factory and R & D base have been built in the overseas, resulting in a large number of industrial workers lose their jobs the volume of business and manufacturing industry, supporting industries also greatly reduced, "manufacturing industry hollowing" trend is clearly.

The global economic downturn, resulting in a negative impact on many of the country's economic development, how to solve the employment problem, appease good morale is placed in front of them challenge, and recover the manufacturing factory is currently dealing with the problem in a way.

In fact, for China, changes in the external environment of these, indeed to the part of the manufacturing enterprise caused difficulties and pressure, and the uncertain factors and we can not dominant, on the other hand, reveals the deficiency China manufacturing its own power, but in the promotion of the external environment next, early exposure.

All along, our manufacturing industry enterprises are playing the "low cost" brand, cheap labour and energy in this hat, supporting the manufacturing country but, apparently, the current malpractice gradually revealed. This is why the Chinese China manufacturing upgrading. Everything has its stage, the past 30 years China manufacturing has its advantages, but it is most in need of change.

To change, we must first understand the problem.

China industrialization started late, the development speed is very fast, but a lot of the basic things also need to fill. At present, the healthy growth and innovation environment China throughout the enterprise is not ideal. Can say, the biggest manufacturing industry is now facing, also need to be resolved is the issue of innovation. Now, the main challenge facing us is, supporting the rapid development of manufacturing industry high-end, innovative talent international is still deficient, innovation atmosphere remains to be improved, we also do not have too much industry rule making power, we also need to continue to work.

So, China how to walk out of predicament? In the author's opinion, the root line innovation, what time can not relax. First, countries in the process of industrial restructuring, vigorously promote independent innovation, support Chinese manufacturing industry further change ideas, build a green industrial system sustainable; however, China enterprises should pay attention to is put into the new industry needs to be cautiously, avoid to repeat construction, avoid the serious oversupply of production. Secondly, Chinese is investing heavily in research and development and innovation, innovation and R & D or different. The latter is ultimately reflected in the product market performance, and whether innovation can bring value-added products need continuously practice, failure is a common thing. The policy should be more inclusive, in that case, the enterprise will open innovation. Finally, is to further expand domestic demand, reduce and avoid excessive dependence on exports.

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