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Future China aluminum processing enterprises in the "road" how to "go"? Number of visits:7 Date:2014-05-07 08:59:33 From the his

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From the history of China aluminum industry, aluminum industry has experienced China developed from scratch, from small to large, especially the rapid development over the last 30 years, has become the world's leading aluminum processing power. But in the last two years the aluminum production, income generating the rapid decline of the situation, we think, this is the only way to America financial crisis, the European debt crisis and the adjustment of the economic structure China results, this is external, but the key internal factors is caused by aluminum processing industry in China for their own reasons, such as the lack of innovation in large and all, small but serious homogeneous whole brings; follow the equipment, products, market; a single price promotions; equipment upgrades and new market development and so. Aluminum processing market research institutions - Beijing Department of Strategy Information Consulting Co. Ltd. (BSSI) comprehensive analysis, think this industry development model that does not have the market positioning and product positioning clear homogenization of a very serious will come to an end, history will not repeat itself. If some enterprise leaders also exist fluky psychology, still to act according to the traditional thinking, it will sooner or later will be eliminated, the future industrial development will be verified.

Beijing Department of Strategy Information Consulting Co. Ltd. (BSSI), three options exist in the future China aluminum processing enterprises, one is chosen to give up, from the aluminum processing industry; two is to choose according to inertia business model development; three is a combination of internal and external resources to implement innovation development strategy. We appreciate the latter choice, because they do not want to become the industry's hiatus, rather than do the conservative wait for death of fools, but keeping pace with the times, leading the development of aluminum industry.

Keeping pace with the times, scientific development is the strategic level, but in the specific operation, aluminum processing enterprises should do: first, study the market, the market will always be the source of enterprise development. Of course, the enterprise is the main body of production and management, resource short board certain in market research, but it can cooperate with the strength of the aluminum processing professional market research institutions, the use of its resources, implementation of leveraging the development. We know, aluminum has many good properties, its applications are constantly being excavated. For example, some of the emerging industries of national industrial policy support, the future application of space aluminum market should be great, aluminum processing enterprises need to get through market research, combined with its own resources to practice and future reengineering. Second, the developed countries of the aluminum industry development in early China, there are already very mature, worthy of us to learn in some ways. Third, should not hesitate to choose not to move or retreat of the path of professional development, which requires aluminum processing enterprises in market research, should combine their own comparative advantages, system science do market positioning and product positioning. Fourth, the enterprise production cost advantage of aluminum, aluminum processing, passed down to extend the industrial chain, the product with aluminum alloy manufactured goods form provided to the end user, this is the response to the national industrial upgrading, also is the enterprise itself by high added value and an important measure to promote the income level of product.

Beijing Department of Strategy Information Consulting Co. Ltd. (BSSI) is a set of market research reports, journals, professional market information in one meeting, devoted to the research and development of aluminum processing industry and high precision aluminum foil, aluminum industry, aluminum deep processing products market research agency, is willing to share with aluminum processing enterprises can be operated the market research, in the new market environment, aluminum processing enterprises play their respective comparative advantages, market positioning and product positioning are differentiated and emerging market development, make the aluminum processing enterprises to continuously enrich the core competition power, out of a new road of development.

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