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Gansu aluminum production and operation of the electrolytic aluminum prices fell the impact

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The electrolytic aluminum prices began to fall from the beginning of the year, the trend is not optimistic. Electrolytic aluminum industry in Gansu province has also been affected, in the market downturn and the release of production capacity and the seasonal consumption of multiple factors, the production and operation of enterprises facing severe challenges.

Data display, as of the end of 3, the province's electrolytic aluminum industry total industrial output value of 6873000000 yuan, sales income of 5663000000 yuan. Complete the electrolytic aluminum output 588000 tons, grow 19.27% compared to the same period. But the whole industry losses amounted to 622000000 yuan, has been close to last year's level, enterprises stop production to passive response to the grim situation. As of April 8th, total production of electrolytic aluminum enterprises in cell 420, stop time mainly concentrated in the 3 month, and 4 month later.

In general, is currently facing some problems to be solved in electrolytic aluminum industry: one is the downstream market demand continued to slump, aluminium product prices continued to fall. At present, the electrolytic aluminum production capacity there is a structural surplus, the contradiction between supply and demand of primary aluminum with seasonal factors further. The comprehensive effect of multiple factors cause a sharp drop in aluminium prices, prices appear upside down, the domestic electrolytic aluminum industry, there has been a total loss situation. Two is the enterprise of electricity price is not dominant, high cost of product. The cost of electricity accounts for more than 40% of the cost of electrolytic aluminum production, the actual situation of Gansu province electrolytic aluminum to household electricity prices by an average of 0.4550 yuan / kWh, higher than Qinghai 0.076 yuan / kWh, higher than Inner Mongolia 0.065 yuan / kwh. Taking Xinjiang as an example, tons of aluminum products only electricity compared with Gansu Province, price 1600 yuan. Electricity prices too high has become a bottleneck affecting the competitiveness and development potential of electrolytic aluminum industry in Gansu province.

Analysis of the industry, combined with the market situation, the comprehensive factors, the market price at the end of the first quarter lead to many production enterprises have been forced to cut prices, relative to the bottom in 2009 11500 yuan / ton, the domestic aluminum prices have bottomed expected in stage. With the two quarter of the traditional consumption season opened, the downstream demand recovery, and further expand the application field of aluminum products, expected the two quarter of the domestic aluminum price was slow to the possibility of a larger rebound trend, but the price recovery.

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