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Gansu two Aluminum Inc on the list the first aluminum compliance list

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The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a notice, announced the first batch of 36 A total of 40 projects in line with the "list of aluminum industry standard condition" enterprise, which Chinese aluminum Limited by Share Ltd Citylink branch 540000 tons electrolytic aluminum project and Gansu Hualu Aluminium Co., 220000 tons of electrolytic aluminum projects list.

The Ministry of industry and information technology last amendment introduced "aluminum industry standard conditions", from product quality, environmental protection, energy and comprehensive utilization, technological equipment, layout and external conditions, safety and health and social responsibility and so on, put forward the standard of existing businesses and new projects. At present, production capacity of electrolytic aluminum in China has reached 32000000 tons, only 2013 which added about 5000000 tons production capacity expansion problem, disorder, low industrial concentration, resources security force is weak, the vicious market competition, environmental pressure and increasingly prominent.

The first with "aluminum industry standard" conditions of electrolytic aluminum project 26, production capacity of 9550000 tons, accounting for about 30% of the country.

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