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Senying aluminum clad wood window at the International Congress of passive houses

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April 25th - 26 day to the Eighteenth International Passive House Conference held in Aachen of Germany, Sayyas windows are invited to participate in, and made an important speech at the meeting, as the only station in the international arena China face, breaking the spell China manufacturing.

Professor Wolfgang Feist is a German construction physicist, person who first put forward the concept of the passive house, known as the "father of the passive construction". International Congress of passive house is composed of the leaders of the Passive Construction Research Institute (PHI) sponsored, aimed at promoting the development of passive houses in the world, promoting global energy saving.

Passive housing refers to does not need heating, refrigeration and other active energy, only rely on the heat of the sun, home heating, cooling the body can achieve the human living comfortable temperature of housing, environmental protection.

As everyone knows, the Germans have to do meticulous thinking deep and sharp, is well known in the world, Germany is known around the world for high quality products. Low cost, low quality is Chinese manufacturing and leave the world's impression, known as the China manufacturing spell. Then the world's leading passive house, one of the core material and there is more strict requirements of energy saving, senying conquered almost harsh Germans with what? The reporter for this interview Sayyas windows chairman Bian Shuping.

Since 2011, Sayyas windows began to pay attention to the passive house in the development process of global and Chinese, began to invest R & D and passive building matching window products, and launched PASSIVE120 in 2012 (UW ≤ 0.8), suitable for cold area, is Chinese first Tang passed PHI certification of the window products, therefore cause professor Wolfgang Feist's attention.

Wolfgang Feist said: Chinese in each of the new building the world's first, is the building energy consumption country, but passive building in Chinese development difficult, there are two main obstacles, one is the public awareness on the passive construction is not enough, two is the lack of raw materials and the passive construction supporting, and R & D senying PASSIVE120 just to make up the blank Chinese market, has laid the foundation for the development of the passive construction in China.

Sayyas windows did not stop in front of the result, the same year in the planning period two new factory, Mr. Bian boldly proposed to build passive factory, although it may be several times more than ordinary housing budget, but the construction of Chinese passive plant to reduce energy consumption, on the other hand, can make people's intuitive feelings energy saving effect and its use of comfort, to solve the problem of passive building cognitive problems.

It is reported, the construction of the world's largest senying passive factory, covers an area of 40000 square meters, the investment budget 250000000 yuan, by the German passive Housing Federation CEO Ludwig Ron design, fully in accordance with the "German standard" construction, plant configuration of photovoltaic power generation, ground source heat pump, rainwater collection, water treatment, waste, waste heat exchange, the sun using biochemical and other functions. Preliminary calculations, Mori Taka passive plant is completed, the annual total save on heating refrigeration costs 1800000, annual PV total revenue 3408000 yuan, the annual total CO2 emissions for 424542.21kg. At present, the plant has completed the design, PHI design certification is.

In 2014, Sayyas windows and launched the PASSIVEA+ product, (UW ≤ 0.6), became the first China suitable for cold climate zone through the PHI certification of energy efficiency rating (the highest level) to a window system, can achieve a standard current window products in the world is one of the few. This result to the German passive house Institute shocked, Professor Wolfgang Feist personally to Sayyas windows investigation, and Sayyas windows PASSIVEA+ products issued by the PHI certification. Made many achievements, let Sayyas windows behoove becomes the Eighteenth International Congress of passive houses invited guests and delivered an important speech, to share the construction process development course and passive factory senying window with all the passive construction practitioners.

Sayyas windows in the passive house Congress stunning debut, the China window enterprises stood in the forefront of the international stage, and centuries of European doors and windows enterprise compete, breaking the spell Chinese manufacturing, built senying passive plants will promote the construction of energy-saving China level, is There was no parallel in history. breakthrough.

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