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Luoyang Longding Aluminum Co., Ltd., founded in December 2009, was co-invested by Luoyang Longhai Investment Co., Ltd. and Henan Fuxin Investment Co., Ltd. It is located in the East Park of Industrial Cluster Area, Yichuan County. Our company covers an area of 1,500mu and makes a total investment of RMB 4.2 billion. Our leading products include aluminum alloy plate, strip, foil and deep processing products, and are widely applied to the industries such as home appliance, telecommunication, transportation, medicine, instrument packaging, printing, chemical industry, building material, decoration, etc.

The project started construction in March 2010, finished the equipment installation in August 2010 and put into production on July 8th, 2011. So far, 20 cast rolling lines, 10 cold rolling lines, 1 foil rolling line and 6 coating lines have been put into production. With a total investment of nearly RMB 2.1 billion till now, the project can reach an annual production of 250,000 tons. The designed capacity of the project is 600,000 tons per year. After the wholly putting into production, the project is expected to produce 190,000 tons of single zero foil, 100,000 tons of double zero foil, 60,000 tons of PS plate, 100,000 tons of curtain wall plates, 100,000 tons of automotive air conditioner foil and 50,000 tons of foil for other purposes, bringing the sales revenue of RMB 15 billion and profit tax of RMB 1 billion and creating more than 4,000 jobs.

The project adopts the most advanced production process in aluminum processing industry including cold rolling, roll type cast rolling and coating, makes full use of the resource advantages of Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the technical, talent and market advantages of Zhenjiang Dingsheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., complements each other’s advantages, and achieves “alliance between strong enterprises” and common development. Now our company forms a complete industrial chain integrating “coal-electricity-electrolytic aluminum-aluminum processing-aluminum deep processing”, and vigorously promotes the all-around and sustainable development. The annual output reaches 168,500 tons, increasing by 37.4% compared with the inventory quantity in 2012 (The inventory quantity was 122,600 tons in 2012). The total shipment is 168,400 tons, increasing by 40.12% compared with that of 2012 (The total shipment was 120,970 tons in 2012). The annual sales revenue is RMB 2.96129 billion, increasing by 33% compared with that of 2012 (The sales revenue was RMB 2.263 billion in 2012).

“Development is the primary task”. Our company vigorously introduces management and technical talents, promotes technology R&D, technological innovation and marketing management, continuously develops new products, occupies new market and increases core competitiveness. Now our company owns 89 items of aluminum processing patent, invention patent and utility model patent and 49 high-end talents. Our products extend from blank to terminal products such as single zero foil, double zero foil, PS, etc. Our company will mainly sell finished products rather than semi-finished products. The added value of products is dramatically increased, thereby extending the industrial chain of aluminum deep processing, promoting and driving the development of downstream products, attracting more aluminum foil related enterprises to be settled in Yichuan County, and playing an important role in establishing the domestic first-rate aluminum industry base in Yichuan County and Luoyang.

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